Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Help Tina, my hair is too short!

I am often contacted by brides who wish their own hair was longer or thicker,  they imagine they don’t have as much choice as girls with long thick hair. Having amazing hair for your wedding is a must, so fortunately these days you don’t have to be hindered by what Mother Nature has provided, Hair Extensions can be used give you the hair of your dreams for your big day. 

Human hair extensions are available in a huge range of colours and are now incredibly popular. Many celebrities are rarely seen without them.  They can be used to enhance thickness and add length and even colour to the hair and there are a variety of different products and techniques available. However, if you’re thinking about having them for your wedding, it is important that you discuss it you’re your wedding stylist and carefully consider what  type will best for your individual requirements.

My preferred method for bridal hairstyling is to use clip in weft extensions.  A weft is a strip of hair, which has been sewn together, and is then clipped discreetly at the roots.   If you are looking for a ‘Down’ or ‘Half Down’ look for your wedding hair, this method can add extra length, fullness and support, great if your hair is limp because the added piece acts like scaffolding holding the curls or waves in place. Clip in extensions can also be used to create extra body and a better shape in an ‘Up Do’ as there is more hair to work with. The hair can be colour matched so when it has been incorporated into a style, it blends in and is completely undetectable.
  Here I added two of my clip in weft extensions to enhance Ezster’s shoulder length hair, the final result appears as though it is all her own giving extra fullness to the look.


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