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Want to wear a veil? How to choose the right one.


Christina Ricci marries in Givenchy couture
with a stunning veil. 
Photo: @ChristinaRicci
  Veils come in various guises but,  if you have decided  to wear one there are some points to consider.  The main thing is that the veil, hairstyle and, of course the dress, need to work well together.

I would advise that, unless your veil is an heirloom,  you have a hair trial to explore the possibilities for your wedding hair before you actually buy your veil, this will ensure you are not too restricted on your hairstyle.  The length, fullness and placement of the veil  will all have a bearing on the suitability of certain styles.

 If  you wish to wear the veil over your face for the ceremony, it  will need to be placed high on your head,  for example above a higher  bun or chignon  or just behind a tiara. This placement works well with hair up or down  and gives added width to the overall look.

If you want to wear your hair down, it is important to  consider the weight of the veil as, with a longer, heavy veil, a half-up do might be better because there will be  a foundation to anchor it to which will prevent it from slipping. A glimpse of long luscious waves and big curls  can look stunning  under a veil but  remember that the hair should never hang lower than the veil itself.
Veils are traditional but many girls are choosing to wear them in a less traditional way, for example placed at the back of the head either under a high bun or on top of a low nape design. Single tier veils work well with these looks as the hair and any detail on the dress can still be seen without the final look being too cluttered.  So remember, if you are going to wear your veil lower down the back of your hair, your veil should stop either above or below any detail on the back of your dress (such as lacing or embellishments),  but  never cut through the middle of it.

 Vintage looks are so popular at the moment,   short bobbed hair looks fabulous with a short shoulder length or birdcage veil to emphasise the vintage theme with the hair finger waved or set in pin curls. Longer hair is best worn up with these types of veil, either a pleat, a low nape roll, twist or even a big side bun.

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