Friday, 18 March 2011

Brides with short hair

I am often contacted by brides who wish their hair was longer or thicker,  they imagine they dont have as much choice for their wedding hair as girls with long thick hair.  Not true.....  There is so much that can be done not only to maximise a brides own hair but by adding some discreat litte hair pieces which have been been perfectly colour matched it is possible to have the hair you dream of for your wedding day.

This picture shows Alex's short layered bob beautifully cut and great for every day look but for her wedding hair??

Using four small hair pieces  and encorperating with Alex's own hair,  that the final result appears as though it is all her own

A small pad is also used to create lift behind the tiara.  I use natural crepe hair pads in my work. Pads like these have been used since the 18th century!!

Tanya was desperate for very special hair for her wedding, but the whole day was arranged in just five weeks!  Not enough time to grow her hair.  Tanya was actually told by her hairdresser that she could only really have a blow dry as her hair was so short at the back.

Again I used four perfectly colour matched pieces mixed with her own hair so that she could have the hair she wanted at her wedding. Tanya told me afterwards that even guests who had seen her recently didn't notice at first and of course her guests that hadn't seen her in a while had no idea at all!

Although Erin had long hair, it was very fine and straight.  She wanted to wear it down in curls with some detail on the crown. Not too elaborate but very soft and pretty. Bridal hair has to last all day and fine straight hair doesn't hold curls all that well.

 I used a double weft clip in hair piece at the back to add some bulk and more curl this was the same length as Erin's hair.

A small crepe hair pad and five little  hand made pin curls mixed in with her own hair gave Erin the look she wanted on the crown area.

I made the pieces using pale blonde hair to blend in with Erin's highlights. The curls in the hair pieces are more sturdy and they help to support the natural hair for a longer lasting look.

I make all my hair pieces using 100% human hair which when colour matched, are undetectable - even the bride cant tell which is her own and which is the false piece.

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